There has been an increasing number of detox/cleanse advertising springing up on wordpress blogs.  Cleanses/detoxes are dangerous, without scientific foundation and a complete waste of money.

At this point: “detox” may as well be called “Snake Oil.”

Here is an article from taking an unbiased scientific look at them.

This article summarizes the fraud and danger of these scams more elaborately than I could, but here are some highlights:

Even if a substance really is noxious, a cleanse won’t help. Acute toxicity would likely constitute a medical emergency, while chronic toxicity is best addressed by a well-fed body — not one weakened by a diet of pepper-infused lemonade.


The liver, kidneys, lungs, and several other organs work around the clock to remove harmful substances and excrete the waste products of metabolism. They don’t need help from fad diets.


Unfortunately, a 2009 investigation found that not a single company behind 15 detox supplements could supply any form of evidence for their efficacy (or safety). Worse still, the companies couldn’t even name the toxins targeted by their products or simply agree on a definition for the word “detox”.


Studies on cleanses are scarce and, according to a recent review, not very convincing, as they suffer from “small sample sizes, sampling bias, lack of control groups, reliance on self-report and qualitative rather than quantitative measurements”.


So, instead of doing a “spring cleanse”, focus on health habits you can sustain, such as eating nutritious food on a daily basis.


The evidence in support of detox diets or products just isn’t there.