People undertake weight-loss incorrectly all the time.

“There isn’t a correct way to lose weight, everyone does everything differently blah blah blah blah.”

Everything after “there isn’t a correct way to lose weight” just sounds like a fog-horn to me.

You lose weight with simple fundamental concepts, the only subjectivity is what experts consider “fundamental.”  There are fundamentals that many consider more important to weight loss.  These concepts make up the “big rocks” in the stone house of weight-loss:


Like actual weight loss, this house does not look fun to live in/around 24/7 — but it will build character.

Imagine that one of the larger rocks on this house were pulled out.  Say, the big rectangular one in the doorway.

What would happen?  All the little rocks around it wouldn’t hold anything up.  All the new fads, pointers, diets, etc. crumble in spite of whatever “new revolutionary weight loss trick” that Dr. Oz scrapes out of his crusted ass this week.

Before you start thinking about “gluten free,””antioxidants,” “NON-GMO” or any other marketing buzz words (“little rocks”), think about these “big rocks:”

  1.  Eat at a caloric deficit – Find your TDEE, and set your activity level at “sedentary.”  People overestimate their activity levels all the time, so assume low amounts.  For your bodyfat, assume higher than you think it is.  Then set a deficit you can stick to, based around this number.  This is the most important rock.
  2. Adhere consistently – Your body doesn’t count the way you do.  It doesn’t think “ok I made it 4 days, I don’t have to for the other 3.”  It thinks “am I in a consistent deficit, not being brought up by ‘reward days?'”  If the answer to the body’s question is yes: you will continue to lose weight.
  3. Get appropriate protein – Getting the protein necessary prevents your body from losing lean mass (the stuff that looks sexy).  Read my post on it (linked). Appropriate protein when losing weight is grams/day of what you want to weigh.  Example: I’m 252lbs @ 6’3″, if I want to weigh 205lbs, I’ll eat 205g protein/day.  RDAs are not based around weight loss.  I’m happy to discuss this point further in comments if you disagree.
  4. Drink enough water – Water retention confuses/demoralizes a lot of people.  There are many ways to control it, but the best one is to stay hydrated.  Attempt to drink 1 gallon a day.  This is not a hard-and-fast number; I drink 2-3 gallons a day.  I know some women who drink 3L.  It’s different for everyone, but 1 gallon is a good starting point.  Drinking sufficient water keeps aldosterone lower, when aldosterone is lower your body retains less water (making you lighter).
  5. Sleep – Putting less energy into your body (dieting) will make you sluggish.  Sleep has so many positive benefits I can’t begin to cover them all here.  Trust me: get 8 hours.  No one is impressed when you brag about how little sleep you function on, nor is it funny.  Insufficient sleep makes you less efficacious in everything you do; thinking, acting, interacting.  Weight-loss will also suffer, but for other reasons.

Believe it or not: exercise does not need to be a big rock.  Depending on your goals, it probably should be, but for strictly “weight loss” it isn’t.

5 things.  That’s it.  Do those and you’ll lose weight.  If you do them and you aren’t losing weight: you’re doing them wrong.  This is a good thing–all you need to do if you fail is identify where you failed, and fix it.  That’s it.

You can do it.

Anyone can do it, but you’re “you,” you’re not just anyone.

You know what you’re capable of.  Don’t defend your inadequacy with nonsense even you don’t understand: change it, so you don’t have inadequacy anymore.

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