There are a few topics which are always difficult to discuss with some people.  Topics include: religion, politics, sports and health to name a few.  Why is it that you can discuss cars and the one you chose to purchase without the discussion turning into an argument?

Not everyone is a gear-head, but everyone eats.

Everyone eats, everyone guides themselves by some sort of life-philosophy, and everyone is at least aware of politics enough to form an opinion.  These are things that people use to define themselves to the greater world.  When people make a choice which everyone else has also made, they will defend that choice, because it is part of what defines them.

When you tell someone “their candidate” is a corrupt liar, you are telling them that they lack something in making their choice.  This leads to defensive argument, rather than discussion.  The point of such argument to invalidate someone else’s choice, not to reach a greater understanding for you both.

Health and fitness is no different.

If someone chooses to follow a specific diet, they often do so by some amount of research and by making an educated decision.  If you researched and chose a ketogenic (low carb, high protein/fat) diet, and then someone tells you “that diet is unhealthy and a poor choice,” they’re essentially telling you that you don’t have the ability to know what is good for you.

What dobetterfitness would like to encourage, rather than making a choice and sticking to it, is to constantly shift and adapt.  Does something not work?  Change it.  Did you believe something to be true but then learn new information which challenges that assumption?  Re-evaluate it.  Your health is not about being the “most-right” or proving your knowledge to others: it’s about achieving your goals.

Defending a sinking ship full of holes will not make it anymore seafaring.  Let that ship sink, and even if you need to trade it in for a smaller life-raft for a little while: you’re afloat, and you’ll “get there” eventually.

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